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Borko Vujadinović

ICT Teacher


Gordana Stankov Stojilović


Computer Technician and Engineer of Organizational Sciences. He works in the IAN Telecentre as an IT trainer. As he has gotten older, he has returned to his first love – programming. As an IT trainer, he has a great feel for the classroom. He is the co-author of several books on ICT. He is very proud of his family and has attempted to become a musician multiple times. He has been trying for years …


Ivan Stojilović



Jelena Đokić

English language teacher


Ljiljana Marković

Day Care Centre coordinator


Marija Đokić Jakovljević

Project assistant

Special Educator. In the IAN Telecentre, she works with children and young people who need support to overcome the difficulties of youth. She aims to achieve positive changes in the lives of the children she works with, a job that gives her inspiration and allows her to develop creativity. She spends most of her free time with her family. She also likes grabbing coffee with friends and exploring the nature around Belgrade.

Philologist. She works as an assistant on a project for digital literacy of marginalized groups, enabling her to contact different people who need support in their personal development. She loves to travel and learn foreign languages in order to be better informed about other cultures. In her free time, she kickboxes and dances flamenco.


Miloš Dubroja

ICT teacher


Nada Lučić

Financial manager

Computer Technician and IT Trainer. He has a passion for teaching people new technologies. He teaches various groups and individuals from ages 7 to 77. In his opinion, people like to study in his lectures and really enjoy the material. While he works with operating systems, computer networks, graphics, 3D web design, programming, and audio and video editing, in his free time, he likes traveling, physical activity, exploring nature, going to the beach, listening to music, and watching movies. Most of all, he is a proud father and husband.

Economist. For more than ten years, she has worked in the nonprofit sector, focusing mainly on finance. She is familiar with the specific detailed procedures and rules for financial reporting, specifically in regards to working with a large number of domestic and foreign donors. She has attended several courses and training seminars on the topic and has acquired certificates for corporate accounting from the International Accounting Standards (IAS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and the ECDL. She speaks English, enjoys reading books, listening to good music, cycling, and going on long walks in nature. On top of her role as an economist at the IAN Telecentre, she is also the unofficial office DJ (in order to maintain a good and cheerful working atmosphere).


Petar Jakovljević

ICT teacher


Danijela Živković Bulatović


Graduate Student in Mathematics. He is actively engaged in web design and programming. He knows several programming languages, including C, C ++, C #, Pascal, PHP, and Visual Basic. He has taught ECDL courses and web design at the school since 2004. He also persistently fixes many of the technical problems that plague our technology department. Lastly, he is fluent in English and understands Russian.

Naši saradnici i volonteri


Tijana Karić



Jelena Vukičević


MA in Psychology, PhD Candidate at the Department of Psychology in Novi Sad Area – Forensic Psychology. She constantly strives for professional development, attending many training seminars and courses both at home and abroad. In addition to her professionalism, she is very dedicated to personal development. She enjoys nature, traveling, learning languages, physical activity and intellectual conversations.

Graduate Student in Psychology. The more she has learned about children psychology, the more she believes it is better to prevent potential risk factors than to try to find cures for psychological issues. She is interested in further training in the field of clinical psychology, psychological prevention, inclusion of vulnerable and/or marginalized groups. She also looks for more and more opportunities to work with children and the elderly. She spends her free time enjoying nature, listening to jazz music, or doing something creative.

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