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Accredited training Programme of support to professionals at work with children and youth with problems in behavior


Accredited training ’’Programme of support to professionals at work with children and youth with problems in behavior’’ was held from 3rd to 5th June in Brestovačka banja in the frames of the project “Change for better”.  The training was attended by representatives of non-governmental sector, centers for social work and Ministry of education departments from Bor, Belgrade and Vranje.  

The participant had an opportunity to:

  • introduce with planning and realizing programme of working with children with risky behavior,
  • acquire knowledge and skills of implementing pre-criminal diversion programmes,
  • acquire knowledge and skills of working with children and youth in conflict with law and their families and good quality professional engagement at defining problems and collecting relevant data and
  • use peer supervision as a system support at work.

IMG_5444It is expected that realized education will contribute to improvement of implementation of restorative justice and principles in relation to international standards through realization of education orders aiming to decrease the number of juveniles who act as criminal offenders entering court procedure. Training participants declared that they improved mutual understanding, became more sensitive to developing a model of cooperation, understanding how important was to work with youth with problems and how significant it was to work in a team and to cooperate with all community actors continuously. They also recognized the necessity of developing civil sector activities as a response to numerous needs while treating children and youth in order to prevent more severe forms of behavior. It was noticed that public sector institutions were not able to respond to needs of such groups so it was up to public sector activities to develop numerous professional services and activities in order to improve work of local community allowing system institutions to perform legally concerned issues in a more complete manner.

Training participants expressed high level of satisfaction with trainers, group work and training content. They agreed that training would have great influence on their further practice.

The project is implemented by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia ( in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs (
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