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Libr@ries for New Age

Aiming at supporting libraries in Serbia and Croatia to be modern community knowledge centres, International Aid Network from Belgrade and the City library and Reading Room Vinkovci have initiated the project Libraries for a new age.

The project started on 1 November 2012 and it is financed through EU IPA cross-border programme Croatia-Serbia. In addition to the above mentioned lead organisations, project partners are the Public Library “Dr Đorđe Natošević” from Inđija , Public Library “Veljko Petrović” from Backa Palanka and the Public Library Kula from Serbia, as well as City Library Vukovar, Municipal Public Library Drenovci, City Library Županja, and the City Library and Reading Room Ilok from Croatia. The project is also supported by the following associates: Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, municipalities of Kula and Indjija, and the City of Vinkovci.
The activities are focused on building libraries’ capacities and support to cross-border exchange of experiences and knowledge between Serbian and Croatian libraries.

Within the project 8 libraries will receive adequate ICT equipment. In addition, 24 librarians from Serbia and Croatia will attend the e-Librarian training so that they would acquire skills for providing support to library members in use of computers, internet and other digital resources in the libraries. Librarians will also be trained to provide educative courses. As a part of capacity building of librarians, they will complete ICT training and pass exams for acquiring the internationally recognized certificate ECDL – European Computer Driving Licence. After this training new services will be piloted in the partner libraries for marginalized groups – unemployed youth, persons with disabilities and elderly citizens. They will have an opportunity to attend free computer courses tailored to their needs as well as social skills courses directed towards more successful job search (CV writing, online job search and application, business interview, communication skills).

Important project component are the workshops where the libraries from both sides of the border will learn from each other, develop intercultural cooperation, exchange books and multimedia materials promoting intercultural dialogue and build local and regional partnerships aimed at supporting social, cultural and digital inclusion of citizens. The project indirectly supports productivity, networking and personal growth of citizens. Through promotion of cross-border cooperation the project will contribute to the development of good neighbouring relations among local communities on two sides of the border.

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