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Silver surfers

srebrni-surferiAs a part of the continuing commitment to the promotion of digital literacy IAN Telecentre each year implementing the project “Silver surfers” in order to promote and improve the use of ICT among a group of residents who are the most digitally excluded in Serbia, to seniors.

The project involves local communities in Serbia; which organized a workshop for the acquisition of e-skills for over 55 years. They organize short courses in schools / libraries / CSOs have adequate technical resources.

Through these educational workshops seniors acquire basic IT skills (Windows, Word, Internet and e-mail) and how they used the internet can bring improvement in their quality of life.

The project will also include IT competition grandparents and their grandchildren in order to highlight the importance of intergenerational support in digital literacy, to show that the grandchildren can play an important role in this process by teaching their grandparents in the use of computers and the Internet.

Couple can make you a grandmother or grandchild younger / less than 13 years. Couples grandmother / grandfather + grandson / granddaughter will compete among themselves in as soon as possible and as accurate as possible in filling out the online test which will be tasked to respond to a wide variety of interesting questions using the Internet to search for information.

The best competitors will award prizes, and all participants expected good fun.

In some cities the training is an integral part of the caravan that Movement of the third age is organized as a prelude to the traditional Olympics of the third age.

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