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Super cyber teams: grandparents and their grandchildren

On Saturday 18 th of June 2011 there was an unusual event which took place for grandparents and their grandchildren. The event was organized by the local NGO by the name of IAN (International Aid Network), and took place in Belgrade, Serbia. Couples were formed, and consisted of one of the grandparents who is older than 55, together with their grandchild who is younger than 13. They had a competition where they were to use the computers and navigate the internet.

Couples who had previously passed the qualifications, had the task to efficiently and as accurately as possible provide numerous / various answers to interesting questions in an online quiz whilst using the internet to search for necessary information.

IT Takmicenje Bake deke i unuci (3)Competition was part of the activities which were implemented in IAN throughout last year as part of the project called “Click to Europe“, together with the support of the EU Delegation in Serbia and Microsoft in order to promote the importance of digital literacy and the convergence of modern information and communication technologies, to all citizens of Serbia.

It is common knowledge that most people, who are over 50 years of age, are digitally illiterate and thus excluded from the information society. This competition was an introduction into the world of digital literacy, whose aim was to further improve quality of life of the elderly, whilst the young generation was to assist, encourage, motivate and lead their grandparents through the gates of information society.

The contestants showed that grandchildren can play an important role in bridging the digital divide which exists between generations, by teaching their grandparents about the computers as well as the internet.

IT Takmicenje Bake deke i unuci (6)The most competitive couple, winners of the final round, were Darinka Despotovic and her granddaughter Marija Simeunovic, who, for their efforts, won a laptop computer. “We are thrilled to have participated in an event such as this. It means a lot to me to know how to use a computer as one can find a wide spectrum of useful and interesting information on the internet thus extending their knowledge base and broadening their horizons. Even now that I am retired, I am able to participate, while my granddaughter comes to my aid whenever it is required “.

Special Prize was awarded to the oldest competitor, a 76 year old Milenko Pavlovic, who, together with his granddaughter, upon having bravely competed, sent a clear message to all people stating that the internet as well as the computer have no age restrictions.

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