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Unite IT

Uniting Europe through digital empowerment

UNITE IT is a network and community of people interested in digital inclusion and digital empowerment in Europe.

UNITE IT is a project funded by the European Commission’s Life Long Learning Programme.

The main objective of the project is to create an online community centered on collecting and sharing practices on how digital competence can assist groups at risk of exclusion to reconnect with learning, as a means to foster employability, social inclusion and social cohesion.

UNITE IT is about putting our heads and hearts together to overcome the digital divide in Europe

We would like our members – those of you who join our community – to use this online platform to exchange good practices, share resources and visions on digital competence for inclusion, as well as to take advantage of successful practices already in place.

This online portal contains a wealth of information on events, projects, stories, resources and good practices and policies in Europe in the field of digital inclusion.

Our Four Working Groups

For the sake of clarity and effectiveness, we have established four working groups related to digital competence. All members are encouraged to join at least one of these groups.

The working groups are promoted and moderated by project partners. They will be enriched by the participation of all of you – relevant stakeholders coming from business, society and policy fields.

Together we can continue raising awareness about the value of digital competence for inclusion and social cohesion purposes. United we can reach policy makers and stakeholders at all levels!

Project partners:

Telecentre Europe MCA IAN Demnet likta Interface3 EOS ESU TelecentarZagreb

IAN Telecentar
Djure Danicica 5 Street
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

tel. +38111 3229 732