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Education of personnel from two Youth centers in Bor and Vranje


IMG_5409Two days training for people engaged at work in Youth centers in Bor and Vranje was held on Wednesday and Thursday 27th and 28th April in the frames of the project „Promena na bolje“ (Change for Good). It was organized by IAN International aid network, one of partner organizations in the project. Central theme of the training was transferring experience and best practice of a licensed Daily care for children and youth with problems in behavior IAN Telecentar to other Youth centers. Representatives of Youth centers from Bor and Vranje and local Centers for Social Work and schools attended the training. They were presented law frames of work with children and youth in conflict with law, types of psychological and education support, aid in resocialization, how to obtain a license,  project evaluation and  how to cooperate with acters in the community. 

IvanIn the introductory part Ivan Stojilović, Coordinator of Daily care in Belgrade, presented the participants project objectives and activities, the process of internal and external evaluation as well as expected results (presentation can be download here). Then Ljiljana Marković, a special pedagogue, presented alternative sanctions for juvenile criminal offenders: educational orders and measures. These sanctions can be applied only in case of juvenile offenders and they aim to prevent and stop further criminal acting, strengthen responsibility of juveniles and prevent their stigmatization. In the second section Ljiljana informed the training participants in detail on manners of implementation of these sanctions and protocols necessary for their realization (presentation can be seen here).

LjiljaLjiljana Marković and Jelena Vukičević later presented the first segment of work with beneficiaries of Daily care service – providing psychological support. Individual and group psychological support in the frames of the project addresses children and youth as well as their parents. Ljiljana and Jelena presented basis of work with youth, specific features and most common forms of psychological support. Training participants took part in a discussion on different types of providing support and most appropriate manners of work with the target group. The emphasis was on positive and acceptable approach to youth who need psychological support (presentation can be download here).


MilosIn the end of the first day of the training Miloš Dubroja, IT teacher and Ivan Stojilović presented how to organize training for youth. The emphasis was on organizing elementary IT courses, professional training and social skills courses, how to keep records, aims of training and final exam (presentation can be download here and here).




MikainaAt the beginning of the second day of the training Mikaina Stevanović from City center for social work in Belgrade presented her experience at cooperation between CCSW Belgrade and civil sector organizations. She also presented protocols and standards necessary for defining their mutual relationships.  It was said that cooperation between all actors in the community was important (particularly centers of social work, education and health sectors) in order to achieve full implementation and benefit from local community resources (presentation can be download here and here).

JelenaJelena Vukičević then presented activities that help in resocialization of children and youth. She emphasized the importance of engaging volunteers at work in Daily care and their help in realization of support in learning and Youth club. Programmes of visiting theatre, cinema, taking trips etc. were also presented  (presentation can be download here).



Download training agenda here.

This activity is part of the project “European Union Support to Inclusive Society”, financed by the EU with EUR 5.4 million, and implemented by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs.

Additional information:

Bor: Milojka Milivojević, KOKORO , Cara Lazara 7 lamela 2, Bor, +381 30 24 96 760
Belgrade: .. Ivan Stojilović, 
IAN International Aid Network, Djure Danicica 5, Belgrade, +381 11 3229 732
Vranje: Milena Dimitrijević Tomić,
NVO Nexus, Nemanjina 21, Vranje, +381 17 74 31 484 
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