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European network of digital inclusion Unite-IT


All organizations using information and communication technologies to help empower members of vulnerable groups in Serbia are hereby invited to join the European network of digital inclusion UNITE-IT .

The main objective of UNITE-IT network is to create an online community whose members could share the knowledge and experience regarding the concept of empowerment of marginalized groups through developing their digital literary skills. This online portal offers a great deal of information about events, projects, experiences, resources, good practices and policies regarding digital inclusion in Europe.

Unite-IT-banner250x160All users can access and search the UNITE-IT database of best practices (registration is free of charge), and thus learn more about successful projects and experiences from other countries and possibly incorporate new and efficient methods of digital and social inclusion into the already existing patterns.  The database contains data on cases, teaching material, approaches and methods, in English language. The base is specifically designed for practitioners, including teachers, trainers, students, canters for education, etc.

By becoming a member of UNITE-IT network and sharing with others an example of your own good practice, you can earn the right to participate in the next annual conference of Telecenter Europe networking.

IAN Telecentar, as part of the Consortium of the European project Unite IT, gathers and promotes examples of good practices in implementation of ICT as a tool of  empowering vulnerable groups in Serbia.

About the project

UniteIT is a project aimed at disseminating knowledge, developing new strategic partnerships, overcoming the digital divide and promoting digital literacy.  This project is carried out with the financial support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union (LLP). For additional information, please contact Ivan Stojilović, e-mail , IAN-International Aid Network, Đure Daničića 5, Beograd, 011 3229 732.

Project partners:

Telecentre Europe MCA IAN Demnet likta Interface3 EOS ESU TelecentarZagreb

IAN Telecentar
Djure Danicica 5 Street
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tel. +38111 3229 732