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First the kick-off meeting


treca uniteITDuring 19-20 November the kick-off meeting of the Uniting Europe through digital empowerment  (UniteIT) took place in Timisoara. UniteIT  is a 36 months network project aimed at raising awareness and foster sharing and joint actions to overcome the digital divide. For its implementation,  Telecentre-Europe AISBL  has partnered with 7 of its member organizations from Malta (Malta Communication Authority – MCA), Serbia (International Aid Network – IAN), Hungary (Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights – Demnet),  Latvia (Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association – LIKTA), Belgium (Interface3 asbl), Romania (Educating for an Open Society Foundation  EOS), Croatia (Telecentar) and the European Students Union (ESU).

The project aims at sharing knowledge, exchange of practices, set up debates in key topics and develop new strategic partnership involving actors across societal domains to contribute to overcome the digital divide and promote the acquisition of digital competences by groups-at-risk of exclusion.

The  UniteIT  network will involve relevant actors across all societal domains (business, societal organisations, education and training stakeholders; user organisations, etc.) to identify the enabling conditions, success factors, barriers to digital competence provision and acquisition by groups-at-risk of exclusion, and foresee further steps to be undertaken to reach the aim.

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