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Get Online Week 2011

Throughout the coming months, individual telecentres, telecentre networks, public libraries, ICT companies, education institutions, and thousands of European offliners  will engage in hundreds of activities, training events, workshops and much more.
The campaign will culminate in a Get online week from 28 February to 5 March 2011.

The overall approach of the campaign is based on:

  • Using existing Telecentre learners to “bring a friend (or two)” to the centre for the day.
  • Encouraging them to think of someone who they know is offline, and who could benefit like they have.
  • Provide the existing learners with simple advance collateral in their language on the benefits of being online

Here are just a few examples of themes and audiences that participating countries and organizations will address:

  • first click – offline citizens
  • jobs online – unemployed, at risk of unemployment
  • eCitizenship (supporting online Govt services) – minorities/migrants
  • senior surfers – older people and intergenerational
  • women online – women, work returners
  • online services (e.g. banking services) – all audiences above

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