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Get Online Week 2013


brojSrbija-300x95Thousands of Europeans were digitally empowered during the Get Online Week 2013 campaign of Telecentre-Europe. Serbia was among 26 countries which participated, taking the fourth place with 8,492 clicks on the Counter.

More than 30 primary and secondary schools, public libraries, professional associations and societies took part in the campaign and different activities were organized in more than 20 towns and villages. The citizens of all age were invited to support the campaign through different actions: registration on the Counter by filling in the mini-survey, taking the self-assessment test Skillage, free ECDL test taking, organizing a variety of lectures on children Internet safety and advanced use of the Internet, public lectures for the elderly, organizing free e-courses and in many other ways.


An overview of the activities that took place within the Get Online Week 2013 in Serbia below shows a variety of stakeholders contributing to the campaign.

In the primary school ‘’Djura Jaksic’’ from Kragujevac, fourth-grade pupils supported the campaign of promotion digital literacy in the field of ICT and they taught young children (preschoolers) how to search the Internet safely, find the games, coloring books, children’s songs, videos, and then they raised the number of the participants of the Get Online Week 2013 by filling in the mini-survey. And we can see in the pictures how they enjoyed there. gow13-2
The second-grade pupils of primary schools ‘’Bratstvo i Jedinstvo’’ and ‘’Dositej Obradovic’’ were shown a presentation about safe usage of the Internet and social networks. During the workshop E-learning: Play, have fun and learn teachers got acquainted with problem and practical tasks on the computer for specific school subjects (Maths, Serbian, The world around us, Musical education, Art). gow13-c
The Town Library of Sombor ‘’Karlo Bijelicki’’participated in the programme with the aim of getting as many people as possible in the ICT world and gaining e-skills. The library uploaded a banner of the Skillage and the Counter for registration. The Counter registered all people clicking on it and answering several questions during the Online Week. Thanks to Skillage, the young had the opportunity to test their IT skills and to get acquainted with the importance of knowledge of ICT in business environment. The workshop Computers and the Internet was organized in cooperation with Regional Chamber of Commerce in Sombor for the seniors who used the computers and the Internet for the first time. The following workshops were organized at Children’s department: Ebart- the media archive for the secondary school pupils, Internet protection and E-learning: Play, have fun and learn for younger children.
During the activities of the Get Online Week 2013 the Serbian Association of journalists organized a lecture ‘’How to write and inform for the Web’’ for Belgrade grammar school students. uns1
In the Agency for education ‘’Marina and Jovan’’ from Novi Sad, an open access to the online seminar was organized. The seminar dealt with the education of students, teachers and all others working in schools, as well as the education of any other groups which are interested in the field of e-learning. The course was attended by 93 teachers, who shared their ideas, experiences, knowledge. Also, new ideas for the further work were born.
In Educational center in Novi Sad some workshops were held with the aim of introducing some possibilities for the young: the possibility of getting a job in IT sector, in the field of web design and also about the possibilities of applying “Open-source” software solution for that purpose.


The competition for the best photo and video from the Get Online Week 2013 was held for the first time this year. A huge number of interesting photos have been sent by the participants demonstrating active engagement of all generations in the campaign activities. The jury had a very difficult tasks to select the best photos presented here:

gow13-11st prize winning photo sent by Marija Jovanovic, primary school “Stefan Dukic”, Belgrade: first-grade pupils are in the digital classroom and they learn how to behave on the Internet and play logical and mathematical games
gow13-2 The second prize was given to the photo sent by Ljiljana Janicijevic from the primary school “Djura Jaksic”, Kragujevac: the pupils of the fourth grade teach the preschoolers how to use the Internet safely.




gow13-cThe third prize was given to the photo taken on the 21st of March in the primary school ‘’Ljupce Nikolic’’ from Aleksinac: fourth-grade pupils organized a class about Internet safety for the first-grade pupils. After a successful access to the Get Online Week Counter, a schoolgirl shouted: ‘’I managed to do it’’!


The competition for the best video was held as well. The winning video shows the activities of pupils from the “Ljupce Nikolic” primary school from Aleksinac.


The traditional Counter represented a mini poll and it gave some amusing results about the participants of the online survey in Serbia.

Females showed greater interest (4,636), mostly of the age between 16 and 24. As for the males, the Counter noted 3,809 clicks, most of which were from the men between 25 and 54 years. Men over 65 years were more interested in this field than the women of the same age.

Except for the Counter, the participants could check their IT skills via Skillage, which gave them clear and objective picture about their skills in this field after the data processing.


During the campaign, IAN Telecenter organized free ECDL testing for acquiring European Computer Driving Licence. Ten out of 19 candidates who passed forty tests were given free indexes thanks to support of the national ECDL Foundation.

The campaign drew attention among the media, especially the electronic ones. The articles on the Get Online Week were published on 20 different websites, the IAN staff talked about the campaign on radio and TV programmes, including the programme of the national television RTS ”Jutarnji program” and the programme ”Onlajn jutro” of Kopernikus TV. Also, IAN representative participated in one of the most famous national radio programmes dedicated to digital technologies named Digital icons and promoted Get Online Campaign.

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