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Get Online Week 2014


More than 3500 people from Serbia took direct part in GOW 2014 coordinated by IAN Telecentar, Education department of the local civil society organisation – International Aid Network.

gow14This year 40 primary and secondary schools, public libraries, professional associations and societies joined the campaign and different activities were organized in more than 20 towns and villages throughout Serbia. The citizens of all age were invited to participate different actions: creative workshops, eSkills seminars, taking the self-assessment test Skillage, free ECDL testing, a variety of lectures on children Internet safety and advanced use of the Internet, public lectures for the elderly, free e-courses and in many other ways.

The partners contributed to the campaign and to digital inclusion through various activities.

gow14bThere were a number of extraordinary examples of encouraging digital inclusion of persons with disabilities. One of them was an activity organised by the first-grade pupils from the primary school “Ljupce Nikolic” from Aleksinac. They visited the Association of persons with mental disabilities and  helped the members of this Association to acquire e-skills and use the Internet safely.  With their assistance members of the association gained more confidence in using computers.

Students` team from the primary schools “Milan Munjas” from Ub and “Simeon Aranicki” from Stara Pazova organized a workshop “Little people in a miraculous IT world” for younger school friends and their parents. During the classes parents and their children learned what about computers, received advice how to safely use the Internet, they got instructions for creating comics. The atmosphere was positive, great teamwork, great audience interaction, appreciation of ideas and creativity were present all time. The workshop provoked great enthusiasm and a desire for new workshops of this kind.

gow14c gow14d
The photo “Why only two hands…”  was taken at the science festival held within GOW on March 28 in the Faculty of Electrronics in Nis, Serbia  Pupils of the “Milan Petrović” school from Novi Sad gained new IT knowledge during GOW 2014. Maria uses a specialised keyboard for persons with disabilities.

Libraries across Serbia had an important role in promoting digital literacy. Among the partners of the campaign were the National Library of Serbia, Public Library from Sombor ‘’Karlo Bijelicki’’ and Public Library from Indjija “Dr Djordje Natosevic”. Local stakeholders aimed at involving as many people as possible in the ICT world and providing them e-skills. For senior citizens basic ICT courses were organized, while the young, thanks to Skillage, had an opportunity to test their IT skills and get acquainted with the importance of knowledge of ICT in business environment. During this Get Online Week 304 youth filled in Skillage test (176 male and 128 female). Here are some of the results:

gow14stataa gow14statac gow14statab


Civil society organisation Pozitiv held a creative workshop for children and youth with disabilities. IT trainers were the pupils from primary schools. The aim of this workshop was social and digital inclusion of people with disabilities.

Serbian Association of journalists also participated in promotion of digital literacy. They organized a seminar for high school students about the importance of photography in online media.

Also, as a part of the GOW, senior citizens, retired journalists, had an opportunity to learn more about the online activities of the Association of Journalists of Serbia.



gow14fDuring the campaign, IAN Telecenter organized free ECDL testing for acquiring a European Computer Driving Licence. Young unemployed people had an advantage as well as single mothers. A number of free ECDL Start indexes were ensured by the national office of the ECDL Foundation traditionally supports the campaign every year.



Get Online Week 2014 in Serbia was widely promoted through e-newsletters,  electronic and social media and partners` web sites.  This year IAN Telecentar created also a campaign website where partners and other interested stakeholders could find information about the GOW 2014 campaign (What is GOW 2014, How to participate, Partners, Proposed activities, Information about the competition, etc.).

The campaign attracted attention also at social networks including Facebook and Twitter. Also, the campaign was promoted in other media; articles on the Get Online Week were published on 20 different websites.
gow14gIAN representative together with a representative of one campaign partner, primary school “Stevan Dukic” from Belgrade, participated in live national radio programme Digital icons on March 25, 2014 dedicated to digital technologies and promoted Get Online Campaign. The whole recording of the programme is available here (in Serbian).

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