International Aid Network

Get Online Week 2015


More than 5300 people from Serbia took direct part in GOW 2015 coordinated by IAN Telecentar, Education Department of the local civil society organisation – International Aid Network.

IMG_43851-300x200This year 55 primary and secondary schools, public libraries, professional associations and societies joined the campaign and different activities were organized in more than 30 towns and villages throughout Serbia. The citizens of all age were invited to participate in different actions: creative workshops, e-Skills seminars, taking the self-assessment test Skillage, workshops dedicated to YouRock, a variety of lectures on children Internet safety and advanced use of the Internet, public lectures for the elderly, free e-courses and in many other ways.

The partners contributed to the campaign and to digital inclusion through various activities. Some of the interesting examples of partner`s activities are presented here.

IMG_0712_5-300x207 (1)There were a number of extraordinary examples of encouraging digital inclusion of persons with disabilities. One of them was an activity organised by the students from the primary school for children with disabilities “Smeh i suze” from Aleksinac. Via Skype they competed in playing the game “Throw cube” (game is about practicing dividing three-digit numbers) with the students from the primary school “Vuk Karadzic” from another town – Moravac. Students from Moravac used laptops and a video projector while the students from Aleksinac used digital lab with computers and a video projector. It was an inclusive class in which the children with disabilities competed with the children from regular schools. During this activity within the Get Online Week 2015 the students from these two schools made new friendships, learned and had fun.

Technical school “14. October” from Kraljevo organized various activities with the aim to motivate and encourage students to use Internet and digital technology in a creative way for services related to the school, and for the expansion of knowledge and skills. They learned more about the importance of knowledge of ICT in relation to the needs of modern society and the present time. The aim of the activities that were intended for teachers was to motivate and encourage them through practical examples of the opportunities that ICT offers in the classroom.

Students from primary school “Djura Jaksic” from Oreskovica organized a mathematical tournament, lessons dedicated to the Kids Internet Safety, met their grandparents with the world of computers and trough Skype had conversation with students from other schools. His actions set the portal UniteIT network.

In cooperation with the City Library “Karlo Bijelicki” the primary school “Vuk Karadzic” from Sombor organized a workshops dedicated to Kids Internet Safety, Skillage and presented special options of Windows, which facilitate work on the computer: a magnifying glass, virtual keyboard. Also, NVDA was presented (screen reader designed for blind and visually impaired persons).


Participants of GOW15 in many organisations also learned about the program GoAnimate, and Movie Maker. Some of the partners organized “Open doors” workshops where the children`s parents and grandparents, first time internet users, learned about computers and opportunity that the World Wide Web provides.

Traditionally, this year all partners of the campaign had an opportunity to participate in a competition for the best photo and video. Many photos and videos arrived. The jury had a rather difficult task to select the best photos and video.



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