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GOW17 in Serbia – The number one in Europe


1 Muzika sa robotimaAn army of enthusiasts committed to promotion of e-skills and digital empowerment participated in GOW17 in Serbia this year. More than 6200 citizens participated in numerous activities organised mainly by creative teachers from primary and secondary schools as well as librarians, NGO activists and professional associations throughout the country.
A wide spectrum of activities targeted people of all age, from kindergarten children to seniors.
The youngest ones experienced their first click with the support of their older friends and teachers, learning about all the wonders that the technology offers but also how to be safe on the Internet and which codes of conduct should be respected online.
2 Mi volimo #GOW17Students in higher grades checked their e-skills by doing Skillage and used numerous interesting online applications to make the learning of different subject easier, more amusing and attractive for pupils. Coding was also promoted, and among the most prominent promoters were girls who started their academic education in this field.
A number of local partners also organised a series of workshops for teachers, school pedagogues and psychologists related to internet safety for children, the role of schools in preventing cyber violence, presenting also different online tools and possibilities of using ICT in teaching but also raising awareness of the need to continuously develop digital skills.
Elderly, as the most digitally excluded group in Serbia, were not neglected during the campaign. A number of schools organised intergenerational knowledge exchange workshops where the pupils helped their grandparents and elderly neighbours to acquire basic e-skills and conquer the space of internet for the first time. As a token of appreciation, the elderly shared some of their skills such as knitting. 
Serbian national coordinator IAN Telecentar organised a competition for the best photo, video and web code created during the Get Online Week 2017 in Serbia. Amazing number of good videos and photos were produced, indicating a growth of interest in and awareness of the importance and popularity of the multimedia content. The winners are to be announced soon!

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