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Info-session on establishing a mechanism for implementation of diversionary measures



City Centre for Social Work (CCSW) and IAN Telecentar organised and info-session as a part of the project Support to the reform of juvenile justice – establishing a mechanism for implementation of the diversionary measure „Engagement, without remuneration, in the work of humanitarian organizations or community work” on the territory of Belgrade.

The project is realised by City Centre for Social Work Belgrade and IAN Telecentar supported by the International Management Group and the Republic Institute for Social Protection. The goal of the info-session was to inform different stakeholders from public, private and civil sector on the possibilities and ways of cooperation on the implementation of this diversionary measure. Over 60 representatives of different stakeholders participated at the meeting including the city secretariats, companies, civil society organisations, youth offices and local branches of the city centre for social work.


The meeting was opened by the CCSW director Snežana Stošković presented basic information on the work of this institution. In 2013 the CCSW registered 98.384 beneficiaries of social and legal-family protection, which accounts for 5,9% of the total population of Belgrade. In 2013 the CCSW registered 2.914 minors with behaviour problems.

Then, Mikaina Stevanović,  head of the Planning and Development Department presented the role of the CCSW in juvenile justice. She also introduced the audience with the process and roles of different actors in realisation of the criminal proceedings against a minor – police, prosecution office, centre for social work and civil society organisations.

Ms Stevanović presented all the benefits of the diversionary measures: greater benefit of educative principle, decrease of stigmatisation  and negative consequences, savings for the state and prevention of re-offending.

IAN Telecentar`s programme manager, Ivan Stojilović, provided an overview of services and basic principles of work of the organisation. He presented IAN`s Day care centre for children and youth with behaviour problems and the activities available to youngsters. Ljiljana Marković, special pedagogue and coordinator of the Day care centre explained the basic components of work with the minors with behaviour problems. Ljiljana explained in detail the mechanism and procedures for implementation of the diversionary measure  „Engagement, without remuneration, in the work of humanitarian organizations or community work”  and the role of IAN Telecentar. At the end of the info-session a short movie on the Day care centre activities of IAN Telecentar was broadcast which was the best way to introduce the audience with the resocialisation activities for youth with behaviour problems organised in IAN Telecentar.

The following speakers` presentations are available  (in Serbian):

Mikaina Stevanović, Planning and Development Department

Ivan Stojilović and Ljiljana Marković, IAN Telecentar

More information available via phone 011 / 322-97-32 or at the office in Đure Daničića 5, Belgrade

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