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Kick-off meeting of the Telecentre Multimedia Academy project in Timisoara

IAN has partnered with 7 of oganizations for implementing the Telecentre Multimedia Academy (TMA), a 24 months project aimed at designing, developing and piloting a learning programme on media literacy addressed to adult learners. During 20-21 November the kick-off meeting took place in Timisoara and was hosted by EOS Foundation, the Romanian partner of the project.
The programme will equip learners with skills related to understanding, use and production of media based on ICTs, including audio-visual and photography. The TMA project will also establish reference points across Europe to offer this learning opportunity to adults on a regular basis.

Kick-off meeting

Representatives from IAN and the partner organizations from Croatia (Telecentar),Belgium(Telecentre-Europe AISBL),Hungary (Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights – Demnet), Latvia (Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association – LIKTA),Spain (Esplai Foundation), Romania (Educating for an Open Society Foundation EOS) and Lithuania (Langas i Ateiti – Window to the Future)  came together for discussing the objectives, deliverables, schedule, impact and work packages of the TMA project.

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