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Empowering the youth through education and professional psychosocial support and enabling them to actively take part in life and development of the local community and society in general. IAN Telecentre places special emphasis on providing support to youth at risk with a view to helping them overcome the adolescence crisis Read more…


By organizing a variety of programs aimed at the acquisition of professional business skills and by providing counseling support our goal is to empower women to become more competitive in the job market, help them fulfill their personal potential, boost their self-confidence and help them achieve economic independence Read more…

Digital inclusion

Information and communication technologies contribute to improving the quality of life of every single individual. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring access and providing skills, necessary to use ICT, to all citizens, especially those at risk of social exclusion Read more…

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Ovako je juće izgledala lista zemalja sa najviše (registrovanih) učesnika Nedelje digitalnih veština 2018. Bravo za partnere iz Srbije! #alldigitalweek #NedeljaDigitalnihVestina #digitalnapismenost

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