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Leave a Different Fingerprint on the World

Strongly believing that the society needs to give youth and children with behaviour problems a chance and assistance in social re-integration, developing socially acceptable forms of behaviour, forming and adopting positive system of values with a positive attitude towards education and work, with the support of German foundation Schuler Helfen Leben, IAN has started a project „Leave a Different Fingerprint on the World“.

The project is intended for children and youth aged 14-22 who have behaviour problems or have committed offences for which the court has issued a diversion order or alternative sanction.

Goal of the project is to develop an efficient programme and ensure a supportive environment, structure as well as social and psychological support directed towards rehabilitation of youth with asocial behaviour and helping them change their behaviour patterns and re-integrate into their social environments.

The project has started in October 2012 and will last for 2 years. Strategic partnerships have been established with the Belgrade City Centre for Social Work and the Institute for Education of Children and Youth Belgrade, which is of great significance for the implementation of the project. All other institutions and civil society organisations can refer youth and children with behaviour problems to the programme.

Various activities are available for children and youth within three main components of the programme:

Youth1 Youth2 Youth3
Professional empowerment Psychological support Re-socialisation

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