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Project ” Educative and psychological support to juvenile delinquents on the territory of Belgrade municipality”

From the 1st January 2006 the Law on juvenile delinquents is in force in the Republic of Serbia . The provisions of this Law include education orders and measures – special obligations that have not been implemented so far because the City centre for social work, the Court and local community have no developed resources and mechanisms for realisation of these measures.

The project ” Educative and psychological support to juvenile delinquents on the territory of Belgrade municipality ” is focused on establishing models for implementation of these measures, through programmes of professional and psychological empowerment. Target group includes children who are in conflict with the law, juvenile delinquents who have been issued the order for special obligation by the Court.

The aim of the project is to establish new service that, through intensive education and psychosocial support program, encourages healthy development of juvenile delinquents, strengthens their personal responsibility, increases their educational level and by all this increases their chances for finding a job in future, and also decreases the probability of their recommitting criminal acts.

Project is primarily oriented towards supporting juvenile delinquents, through professional and psychological empowerment. Other project aim is professional empowerment of staff engaged in CCSW who works with this target group.

Juvenile delinquents will have the opportunity to use the education orders in a positive way through acquiring knowledge and skills that they would need in life, with continuous psychological support.

Programme of professional empowerment of juvenile delinquents has several objectives:

•  Acquiring skills and knowledge needed in a modern economy

•  Acquiring international ECDL and EuroPASS certificates

•  Increasing chances for employment

•  Improvement of participants’ psychological status.

Strengthening psychological status of participants will be achieved through social skills trainings and support groups.

Purpose of professional empowerment of the Centre for social work staff is to improve IT literacy of the staff engaged in the centre working within this project (Zemun, Novi Beograd, Vraèar and Stari Grad), by which the working efficiency is increased as well as the preparation for the announced development of IT networking of all centres.

As regards the society dimension, through cooperation of public and NGO sector innovative models will be established for execution of education orders, which could be applied on the whole territory of Serbia .

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