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Awareness Raising

raiseawarenessAwareness raising is a form of activism which includes activities of a group of people aimed at focusing attention of a particular target group on specific problems. Raising awareness is the first step towards a social change, since it includes providing target groups with important information about particular social change, aimed at understanding specific aspects of the problem, in order for those information to be learned and used. It can cover a wide range of activities, some of which are the activities directed towards people learning, understanding or doing something new, focus on the plans for the future, work on the ways to conduct a change etc.

This group of activities is usually conducted when it is important to inform a certain group of people of a particular problem and encourage them to think, plan or act in order to produce a change. Raising awareness is mostly directed to informing of certain diseases (such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes etc.), important social issues such as poverty, children or human rights, vulnerable groups position and other social and political questions.

IAN Telecentre, in combination with other activities, is oriented towards raising awareness of general population and stakeholders about problems which vulnerable groups IAN is working with are faced with. The main focus is on children and youth with behavioral problems, where IAN is working on decreasing prejudice and discrimination and enhancing their position in the society, working directly with the users on their professional and psychological empowerment and resocialisation, on the one hand, and by informing and activating stakeholders and general public by initiating actions oriented towards working with this group of youth. Apart from children with behavioral problems, IAN is constantly working on raising awareness about other vulnerable groups, such as women, people with disabilities and elderly people, as well as on highlighting the relevance of digital inclusion for the development and advancement of the society.

IAN Telecentar
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