International Aid Network

Capacity Building

capacity buildingDigital inclusion, promotion of life-long learning, re-socialisation and inclusion of vulnerable groups are goals that require cooperation among many actors in order to be reached. IAN Telecentar has recognised important issues in the society that require often collaboration of public, private and civil organisations.  Efficient partnerships can bring great progress.

As a leader in promotion of inclusion of vulnerable groups, especially through digital inclusion and non-formal education, IAN Telecentar strives to strengthen different actors and enhance intersectoral networking in order to expand its successful programs and transfer good practices across Serbia and the region. Capacity building that IAN Telecentar provides includes different interventions:

  1. Technical support to civil society organisations, public institutions and individuals through trainings, transfer of knowledge, information sharing and equipment.
  2. Exchange of experiences and good practices among different stakeholders through workshops, study visits and conferences.
  3. Support to networks and promotion of sustainable partnerships among public, private and civil institutions.
  4. Provision of adequate resources for raising awareness among citizens and relevant actors on specific issues.


Without cooperation and capacity building progress is slow and it includes a smaller group of individuals. Through these and many other activities IAN Telecentar strives to ensure that other organisations work towards the same goal: social and digital inclusion of all members of the society.

IAN Telecentar
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