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Computer Classes

ComputerIAN Telecentar believes that digital inclusion and computer literacy are necessary for everyone to be active and engaged in the job market, actively informed and involved in citizenship, and simply connected to individuals and services around the world. However, according to a report released by the World Economic Forum in 2016, Serbia ranked 75th on the Networked Readiness Scale, which analyzes how prepared an economy is to harness the power of technology and leverage ICT towards increased productivity, economic growth, and quality jobs (source).

To counter this lack of efficient and innovative ICT technology, the computer school at IAN Telecentar offers a broad array of courses on computer basics useful to any individual in today’s technologically laden-world to advanced courses beneficial to those who want extensive knowledge about digital media and computer mechanics.

 The following courses are available in the Computer school:

  • Basic ECDL – These courses offer an understanding of information technology and using programs such as Word processing, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Access, and communicating and accessing information through the Internet. Participants may take the test to become ECDL certified, which is an international certificate recognized in most of the world, including European states, the USA, Canada, and Australia
  • Advanced ECDL – These courses offer a deeper understanding of topics covered in basic ECDL certification. Individuals who acquire this certificate have further developed basic computer skills and mastered modules covered in basic ECDL courses.
  • Vocational Courses – IAN offers four classes aimed at increasing technical IT capacities and skills. They are as follows: network administration, web design, PC maintenance, and graphic design.

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