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Advanced ECDL Courses

IAN Telecentar is the first non-governmental organization given the status of Advanced ECDL test center.

What is Advanced ECDL?

ECDL_srbijaThe Advanced ECDL certificate, like all ECDL certificates, is recognized in 150 countries and translated into 41 foreign languages.  It was introduced in Dublin on April 4, 2003 in response to the demands of the market. 32, ​​000 candidates from across the world have already gotten this certificate, and the number is increasing everyday. The curriculum was developed with input from the ECDL-F, which consists of IT professionals, and in consultation with the course material providers and students.

How do I obtain an Advanced ECDL certificate?

Advanced ECDL confirms a higher degree of knowledge about the essential elements of the ECDL. It is designed as an upgraded ECDL certificate and delves deeper into topic areas covered in basic ECDL courses.  Individuals receive the certificate after successfully completing all four of the following modules:

  • Advanced Word Processing (Word)
  • Advanced Spreadsheets (Excel)
  • Advanced Database (Access)
  • Advanced Presentation

 Why do I need an Advanced ECDL certificate?

Enhanced ECDL knowledge is a logical progression for those who have already received the basic ECDL certificate and who wish to further develop their knowledge and skills, while also demonstrating their ability to use computers at a higher level. The advanced levels of these modules indicate that the candidate has already mastered some basic skills, has acquired some knowledge covered on the basic ECDL syllabus, and is now ready for the next level. Advanced ECDL certificates provide proof of a greater mastery of computer skills than achieved through the basic ECDL certificates and are therefore a wonderful asset to anyone’s resume.


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