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Vocational training

IAN Telecentar has developed four trainings designed to provide practical knowledge related to various aspects of IT and digital literacy. These courses are designed for individuals who want to learn more in-depth computer skills of varying topics.

 Network Administration

This course focuses on setting up and managing small computer networks, at home or in businesses. Students learn how to manage user profiles and peer networks, including the creation of different types of profiles and managing the rights of different users. The training also covers setting up routers and wireless networks, sharing network resources, syncing printers with the network, and much more. This course includes 40 classes.

Web Design 

IAN Telecentar developed a web design class aimed at providing students with a comprehensive understanding of web design and maintenance. The course, which spans 40 classes, includes nine modules. The modules cover web design basics, HTML coding, Dreamweaver (web development tool that reads HTML, WordPress, and many other codes and programs), Flash with action script (animation), Fireworks (drawing tool used for vectors and bitmaps), PHP and MySQL (dynamic web pages), WordPress, and Joomla! (content managing system). After completion, individuals possess skills necessary for creating their own website!

 PC Maintenance

 This course teaches individuals how to repair the hardware and software of computers. Students learn about the mechanics of computers including their parts and components, recognizing simple failures, and remediating issues. The training also covers software elements, such as popular operating systems and their installation, antivirus protections, and skills for ensuring better operating system performance.  This course includes 30 classes.

Graphic Design

During this course, students acquire skills for graphic design, specifically through the use of Photoshop and CorelDraw.  Photoshop is one of the best known and widely used bitmap graphic editors. Therefore learning how to use Photoshop provides individuals indispensable skills for web design, magazine publication and design, photo editing, and any work related to graphic design. CorelDraw is a widely used program for editing vector graphics, which is essential for creation of any digital visual elements. This course is comprised of 40 classes.

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