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Those who start their own small business face many difficulties in maintaining and developing it and, therefore, need proper additional support to improve their business. The skills and knowledge necessary for effectively operating a small business are not incorporated in regular education curricula and require specialized courses.


Traditional educational institutions do not possess adequate knowledge on the modern trends and lack capacities to research and apply new and successful approaches established in more developed societies. Even though there is a need for practical business skills, there is a lack of training and consultancy programs aimed at developing personal skills and knowledge related to entrepreneurship in Serbia.
Self-employment is seen as an efficient way to remediate the problem of unemployment in Serbia; however, to successfully do so, individuals needs specific skills covered in these modules. Students are introduced to topics including finance, administration, accounting, and PR, which all contribute to the creation of a sustainable businesses practice.
IAN’s course on entrepreneurship consists of 90 lessons over 5 weeks focused on the following six modules:

  • Starting a Business 
    Participants learn about the organizational structure of enterprises as well as the legal framework necessary for start-ups and small and medium- sized enterprises.
  • Business Plan 
    Participants learn what a business plan is, how to make a business plan, and how to use the plan.
  • Financing 
    Bookkeeping and financial administration are important for each small business; therefore participants are introduced to the basic concepts of finance.
  • Business Skills 
    Business skills can always be improved, so this module pays special attention to resource management, managing styles, and business communication.
  • Business Management / Managing Enterprises
    Managing an enterprise, analyzing profitability, developing growth strategies, and valuing a business are some of the most important topics to designing a business plan. These topics are covered within this module.
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations 
    Without branding, and identifying target markets, it is not possible to develop a successful business. This module provides participants with basic knowledge about marketing, advertising, and public relations.

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