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Over 8,000 individuals have benefitted from these free courses, and many have even received international certification to illustrate their competency in multiple skill sets.

dosadasnji rezultatiComprehensive evaluations of the education programs show a high level of satisfaction among participants. Furthermore, evaluation showed that beneficiaries exhibited:

  • General improvement of their psychological status
  • Decreased level of emotional instability and destructive aggression
  • Increased levels of conscientiousness
  • Decreased tendency to blame others and unfavourable circumstances for personal difficulties and increased tendency to take responsibility
  • Most significant changes have been registered in the way participants perceive their own competences. They feel considerably more competent and capable in the professional sense.

Positive change is not limited only to general psychological status. Participants show a much higher degree of intention for engagement in searching employment, in comparison to before attending the program. They believe that business opportunities for them exist, that loss of a job may be a chance for advancement not exclusively a personal catastrophe, that their future mostly depends on themselves, and that they have enough qualities to influence the decision of their future employers.

Finally, the most important result is that participants actually have increased chances for finding a new/better job after completing our education programs. In some programs, the percentage of beneficiaries who found jobs three months after the completion of the program increases 50%.

Want to take a course but aren’t covered by one of our free-of-charge programs? Check out the option to take a course by yourself or through your company!

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