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Psyho-social support

maslacakIAN Telecentar has several trained psychologists and psychotherapists who specialize in providing psychological empowerment and counseling to beneficiaries. Integral to many of IAN’s programs is various forms of support for individual’s psychological health with the goal of strengthening their emotional stability and level of conscientiousness, decrease destructive aggression, take responsibility for personal behavior, mediate, and increase happiness and feelings of self-worth.

In achieving this goal, individual counseling, group therapy, and psychological workshops are offered. Specific examples of the success of such services include the following. Individual counseling with youth with behavioral problems has led to increased comfort and desire to discuss issues related to family relations, communication with authority figures, short-term plans in school and employment, mediation, and anger management.  Group therapy for al vulnerable groups has lead to more openness and the creation of a support system for participants. Topics include, but are not limited to: confidence, diversity, tolerance, constructive vs. non-constructive behaviours, motivation, positive role models, and happiness. Psychological workshops focus on assertive behavior, aggression replacement, conflict resolution, tolerance, and many more.

Overall, beneficiaries report feeling more positive and happier with their mental health and psychological well-being. A shift away from destructive behaviors towards positive conflict resolution and proactive behaviour is also exhibited. Psycho-social support becomes a desired component of many youth and single mothers experience at IAN Telecentar.


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