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Empowering in Prisons

From November 2011 to December 2014, IAN Telecentre conducted computer courses for inmates in Serbia’s only all-female prison in Pozarevac.

prisonThe prison administration recognized the importance of educating and professionally empowering the female inmates in order to prepare them for leaving prison at the end of their sentences.
Classes were held twice a week. At the conclusion of each module, participants took a test. Upon successfully passing all exams, they obtained a certificate.
IAN’s IT teacher Petar Jakovljević instructed the inmates. He reported, “The women are rather motivated and go through the curricula and the foreseen tasks even quicker than the average groups in IAN Telecentar”.

Why do ICT courses matter for innmates?

Programs that prepare inmates for the release from prison and for their post-penal adjustment and rehabilitation are important for their successful reconciliation. Women who are released from prison are faced with a range of financial, social, and psychological difficulties, including broken social connections, loss of jobs, and homelessness.
Often inmates do not receive any assistance from the state regarding employment or resolving other difficulties that hinder their inclusion into mainstream society upon release.
By equipping them with the IT skills necessary for being successful in today’s work environment, IAN Telecentre is contributing to creating more opportunities for women prisoners and helping them have a successful transition and social inclusion upon their release, thus also preventing re-offending.

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