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Empowerment of single mothers and women who are victims of violence

Unemployment is often defined as “the single most serious social problem in Serbia”. The unemployment rate is significantly higher among women in Serbia than among men. The equality of women is unimaginable without their economic independence. This is directly determined by the level of education women receive.

IMG_2234In order to improve the position of women in Serbia, IAN Telecenter, with the support of the International Women’s Club, annually implemented the project “Empowerment of women for better future and employability.” The project was intended for single mothers, female victims of violence, and inmates in Serbia’s only all-female prison in Pozarevac.

The program includes four computer courses (Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Internet Explorer and Outlook Express), web design courses, English language courses, active job searching, and trainings for Administrative Assistant jobs. All participants are provided with professional psychological support and counseling

Women-in-ICTOne part of the project activities focused on supporting women in prison in Pozarevac. As part of the project IAN Telecentre conducts training for computer work for these women in support of their re-socialization, employment and participation in social life and work after release from the institution.
The overall aim of “Empowerment of women for better future and employability” is to equip the participants with knowledge and skills that would increase their chances for finding employment. Improving the educational status of women in our society represents one of the ways to influence the improvement of overall position of women.

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