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Life is wondrous, each day is an experience and we are uncertain what it will have in store for us

Faith had a plan for me. I used to be an owner of a party, event, planning company, and at this stage of my life the computer was of little use to me…. Faith played a trick on me. I got divorced and had to share my company offices with my now ex-husband, and was thus forced to automatically close the company. In a very short period of time I was left unemployed… Today my job is to import data into the computer



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Young and old, from various backgrounds, life experiences and occupations, we all had an opportunity to be useful

… and add to the variety and completeness of the lectures, whilst helping one another thrive and concur various aspects of the coursework. I was especially glad to see that the resistance which was expressed by many women, including myself, towards the computer was decreasing on a daily basis




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In Telecentar I had an amazing opportunity to see the value of accessing the information technology for females

Once I got employed I was asked whether or not I would have gotten this job had I not known how to use the computer. I remember answering “of course not, but I also wouldn’t have gotten any other job either!.

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