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IMG_4477During the period from 2010 to 2017 more than 300 single mothers and victim of violence attended various courses and acquired new skills within the project Empowerment of Women through Education and Technology supported by the International Women’s Club.

In this seven-year period 128 vulnerable women acquired ECDL Start certificate and 39 IAN certificates. Recognizing the need for promoting digital literacy IAN Telecentre within the program provided the opportunity for the women participants to attend the courses in web design and basic media literacy. As a practical part of the web design course women have created web pages about the 2012 IWC Charity Christmas Bazaar. In total 45 single mothers and women victims of violence attended the courses.

IMG_0758Another IAN Telecentar project – TMA – strived to provide as comprehensive training as possible to women by allowing interested women attended a Basic Course of Media Literacy. The course was an opportunity for women to acquire new skills related to multimedia, which could additionally increase their employability. Some of them used the software for editing photo, video or sound material for the first time. During this training, the women created a movie about the course and shared their experiences related to the education they received. Women who participated in the program expressed considerable interest in learning the English language. They recognized that the knowledge of English is a requirement for many jobs and that this skill facilitates finding or retaining a job.
In order to strengthen their own employability, our participants had an opportunity to attend trainings for active job searches and for administrative assistant positions. The skills acquired within these modules also strengthened the psychological status of target groups, including their motivation, persistence, and self-confidence. 110 women completed the active job search and administrative assistant training.

skola racunara 2In response to the needs and interests of women beneficiaries, and in an effort to offer them different knowledge demanded from the labour market, in 2011 we organized a course in gardening that was attended by 11 women.

We are extremely proud of the achievements of this female empowerment program, especially considering the fact that 30 – 50% of beneficiaries of this program that started the program as unemployed found a job during or within six months after completion of trainings.

As the part of the project Empowerment of Women through Education and Technology, from 2011 to 2014 IAN Telecentar conducted computer courses for inmates in the women’s prison in Pozarevac. During the project 80 inmates finished the IT courses. Through this training IAN Telecentre strived to contribute to creating more opportunities for female prisoners and help them with the successful transition and social inclusion upon their release, thus also preventing re-offending.

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