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Workshop: Building Library Image as a Modern Community Knowledge Centre


The workshop Building Library Image as a Modern Community Knowledge Centre was held at the City Library and Reading Room Ilok on 25 January as a part of the project Libraries for a New Age. At the beginning of the workshop Miroslav Janic, the mayor of the city and Renata Banozic, the director of the host library welcomed the participants.


The workshop was aimed at sharing good practices in organization of various activities carried out by the libraries for their members, but for the wider local community as well.  The effective speech and experiences of an eminent expert Ivan Pehar, the director of Zadar Library, one of the most successful libraries in Croatia, inspired and encouraged the participants of the workshop to use some of the successful recipes for building a good image of the library in the community. The examples of good practices were also presented by the representatives of the libraries from Vinkovci, Vukovar, Indjija and Drenovci. Through these presentations, the following was presented: the ways in which libraries enrich their activities for citizens, cooperation with the civil sector, advice and examples of good engagement of the media to be the support for the promotion of the libraries.


Upon completion of the workshop, the participants visited the library of the Franciscan monastery and saw the literary treasures kept in this library.
Enriched with new knowledge and experiences, the workshop participants returned to their towns with new, stronger motivation for enhancing the position of the libraries in their communities.

Workshop Agenda (in Croatian) here

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