International Aid Network


Youth pic (blue)At IAN, our aim is to strengthen youth formation through informal education and psychosocial support, giving children the opportunity to actively participate in the life and development of the local community and society. In particular, supporting at risk youth to overcome the difficulties of growing up is one of our biggest goals at the IAN Telecentre.

The IAN Telecentre has developed an adequate program to support children and young people with behavioral problems, including juvenile offenders (this includes projects like Together for the Best Interest of the Child and Leave a Different Fingerprint on the World). Through educational courses aimed at strengthening professional development, social and psychological support, a variety of social, sporting, and creative activities in a supportive environment, and the commitment of dedicated professionals, we strive to give children and young people the opportunity to “leave a different fingerprint on the world.” Whether it relates to family, friends or the wider community, we hope these children can take the knowledge and positive values that they learn at the IAN Telecentre and spread them to the world around them.

In March 2014, the IAN Telecentre received a license from the Serbian government for the social/daily care of children and young people with behavioral problems. Thus, working in close cooperation with the City Centre for Social Work in Belgrade, the IAN Telecentre implements special obligations/educational tasks stipulated by the Law on juvenile offenders, particularly “intensified surveillance in the living space.”

IAN Telecentar
Djure Danicica 5 Street
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

tel. +38111 3229 732